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Technology Tools for the Common Core

Thank you to all who were able to attend the training in May, more dates will be added for the beginning of next year! Here are the resources from the … Continue reading

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Luidia’s eBeam

eBeam Presentation Above is the link to the training presentation for eBeam or other interactive white boards.

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Laptop Management For Classrooms

Laptop Management Use the link above to access the handy dandy PowerPoint for training teachers and staff.

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ERO Electronic Registration Online

Electronic Registrar Online

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Keyboarding/Typing Skill Builders

5 Free Learn to Type (Keyboarding) websites Are you a keyboard chicken? Do you “hunt and peck” on the keyboard when you are typing documents or composing e-mails? Do you … Continue reading

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21 Resources for English Learners (EL) and EL Teachers

Below is a collection of resources for K-12 students, beginner->advanced students. While there is a short description of each in the right column, some have much more than is listed. … Continue reading

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Primary/Elementary Technology Resources

A collection of resources appropriate for use in the elementary classroom by the teacher and/or the students. This is a collection of a little bit of everything, but all resources … Continue reading

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